Testimonials from our satisfied clients:

“I really don’t like having my photograph taken. Despite this Yvonne put me at my ease and produced so many good shots I then had to choose between them. The session flew by aided by many cups of tea and the follow up service has been faultless.”

5th  March 2013, Gillian Williams, Hatherlow HR


“I have commissioned Yvonne’s services twice in the last year. On the first occasion it was a bit of an experiment for both of us but it worked out really well and I have been very pleased with the results. She is very likeable and extremely helpful. She also has some useful connections to other businesses that I have made use of.”

25th February 2013, Estelle Rowe, Dot Dot Consultancy


“Working with Yvonne is always a pleasure. I’ve found her full of ideas and enthusiasm about all the projects she’s involved in. Providing not only expert B2B/Commercial photographic services with minimum fuss but becoming an ambassador for the project as well.”

25th July 2012, Lindsey Harrison, LMH Marketing


“I have used Yvonne to provide promotional photographs for use in my business. She was great to work with and I was very happy with the results. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a quality photographer”

21st July 2012, Mark Ferguson, Interface Financial Group


“Yvonne made my recent “30th work anniversary” photoshoot pain-free and pleasurable – she has an easy and relaxing personal style ideal for anyone who, like me, dislikes having their photo taken. She was recommended to me and I have no hesitation in passing on the recommendation!”

18th December 2011, Janet Hale, PHP Partnership


“Yvonne took photographs at a student’s graduation prom ball. She worked well getting everyone organised to be photographed. The resulting photographs were easily accessible online for viewing purposes. The final pictures are of a good quality at a reasonable cost.”

7th June 2011, Sheila Dunbar, Activist at the Royal College of Nursing.


“I had been trying for some time to get a decent picture of my pet dog Ted, but being black, there was no definition to his face. Miss Yvonne Metcalf used her innovation and skill to provide us with a lovely picture of our prized family member Ted.”

May 2011, Mike McCartney


“We had a number of shots of our fleet from a previous campaign, however, the pictures where starting to be detrimental to finding new business as they made our fleet look old and we had recently invested in new vehicles. We invited Yvonne along and adhering to our Health and Safety, she spent two days with us documenting our business. The end result not only allowed us to have new brochures, we were able to incorporate the images into training procedures for our new employees which was an added bonus.” 

May 2011, Sydney Parkinson, Tyldesley Distribution Services.

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