Artist Jennifer A. Hawkins explores feelings and emotions.

Jenny Hawkins
Jennifer A. Hawkins Artist

Who is Jenny?

Artist Jennifer A. Hawkins works with Acrylics, Ink and Pencil to create her works and says of her art:

“My paintings express feelings and metaphors….. thinking experiments with a touch of irony. I paint with collage, prints, washes and raised surfaces using acrylics, watercolours and mixed media. I enjoy abstract forms, colour and texture. My work has grown out of my research into feelings and learning…inspired by thoughts, moods and sketching.”

Jennifer A. Hawkins

If you would like to see more of Jennifer’s work and buy, go to or give her a follow here

Jennifer is an academic with a PhD in Psychology, having worked with children to explore their feelings and emotions and providing art therapy classes to adults with PTSD. Jennifer has since published her book ‘Feelings and Emotion Based Learning: A New Theory’ in 2017. Her second book ‘Brain Plasticity and Learning: Implications for Educational Practice’ is coming out in October 2021, available at Amazon.

When did you use Yew Tree Imagery?

Initially, in Autumn 2014, however, the relationship has continued, and Yvonne has periodically helped overhaul the website and took over the running in 2021. 

Why did you use Yew Tree Imagery?

I needed low and high-resolution images. The first for my website and the second for printing and entering exhibitions and competitions

How did you find working with Yvonne?

I found the experience positive.

  • Benefited by discussing my marketing options
  • Learned more about copyright
  • A range of excellent images at a reasonable price
  • Yvonne added copyright information to low-resolution images without spoiling their impact
  • As a free extra, I gained an artist’s catalogue edited to suit my needs

Learning Point

I learned that there was a friendly, efficient service available by someone willing to take an interest in helping me to promote my work.

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