Traveller’s Echoes

As a child, my family commuted long distances by train. The Thought of the journeys invoke happy colourful memories as there would always be a family member waiting for us. This was the inspiration behind the project as I wanted to document a journey.

Realising it would be difficult to document a journey on the commuter trains of today, I chose a vintage railway. As I started to document the journey, I started to look more and more at the carriages and in turn, the seats. The patina of years of use drawing me to recollect the people I saw as a child. The woman crying whilst reading a letter, the grandmother knitting booties for her new grandchild, the businessman reading his paper and the student with his Walkman with bright orange headphones.

Even as a child I wondered where they might be headed. I look at these seats old and worn wondering where they have been, who sat in them? What was their purpose? Was it a daily commute? A journey with no return? Was there a loved waiting for them at the end?

And so… Traveller’s Echoes